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Additive Manufacturing Structure

Good morning,

next week, AM industry's big reunion will take place again at the Formnext - Where ideas take shape trade show. As every year, the industry (AM fAMily) will have grown a bit more.

My main focus this year is on the AM Start Up Scene. The trend here is clearly moving more and more towards new software solutions and the consideration of the holistic process chain (post-processing of support structures, functional post-processing of AM products).

In addition, new L-PBF process solutions are being offered, which I am already very excited about. The entry barrier to successful production using L-PBF will be lowered even a little more compared to the past, which will hopefully expand the market.

Today's post is in context of the process chain. A far from complete overview of the individual steps necessary for the production of Smart AM products can be found in the sketch below. I have divided the overview into Digital Systems, Processes, Job Monitoring and Post-Processing and included my initial thoughts. There are more key parameter to add, because it was just a first brainstorming...

What are you looking forward to the trade show this year and what are your experiences about the formnext so far? Are you visiting the fair to start a deep dive in certain technologies or is it ok for you to have a big picture about the industry?

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