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Quality Monitoring in Advanced Manufacturing Processes

Advanced manufacturing processes, such as additive manufacturing, allow quality monitoring in parallel with part production. There are various ways to monitor the powder bed, exposure area, or the process using tools installed in or outside the process chamber. 📸

The powder bed camera enables users to derive a trend for resulting part quality based on process signatures in powder bed. Horizontal lines or raised edges on parts can be first indicators, which show an effect on the resuting part quality. 📷

Optical tomography uses a CMOS camera to capture the exposed surface of the part being manufactured and then uses process software to analyze the data. Anomalies such as elevated structures on exposure surface can be detected and classified as indicators of later quality defects in the part. Some machine builders have already taken the next step and are using the OT to control the process to achieve better part quality. 💡 

The ultrasonic microphone is shown on the far right. It is used to identify process anomalies based on deviations in the frequency curve, providing an early indicator of possible process anomalies. 🔎

Which system do you prefer? 


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