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Knocking Over the Goat for Further AM Serial Projects

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The last two days of 2022 and therefore time for a short review of my 2022 in the AM industry.

🚀 Quarter 1: IDAM

The BMBF research project IDAM was successfully completed together with twelve partners in total. So far, I had already supervised five different research projects prior to the start of the IDAM project, but I have not experienced such a spirit of SME's as well as the pull and focus of BMW and GKN Additive. From my point of view, this project was a super experience in project management and shows what we need in the next 3 years to achieve a competitive environment for AM technologies.

📢 Quarter 2: Contribution on conference session's

Contribution at Rapid.Tech 3D in Erfurt and ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence Snapshot Workshop (September) in Augsburg. As every year, I try to attend a conference to present our results of the AM development department at GKN Additive. This year, Rapid Tech in Erfurt and the ASTM Snapshot Workshop in Augsburg were two formats available to present the results achieved in the field of automation and digitalization. Besides the presentations, I enjoyed a beer together with Fabio and Shane to talk and listen about the good old stories from the AM industry in the 90s. In my opinion, this is how you get to know the technology even better, when you talk to AM experts about potentials and challenges!

🙇🏻‍♂️ Quarter 3: Launch of Think Different Think Additive

More than 200,000 impressions through 20 posts on LinkedIn have ensured that a small video format has now been created. I've also radically reduced my series consumption and now spend more free time developing new drawings for the TDTA format. I just love this project and hope that with these contributions I can lower the barrier of entry even further for young professionals and future AM experts.

🤝 Q4: Part of the exhibiting team and attending Formnext

This year was the best Formnext - Where ideas take shape show in the last 7 years! AM technology has now reached a different TRL compared to the last years. Today, "The smart AM product" is in focus and no longer the process, which we have to understand first, so that we can simply transfer a conventionally manufacturable product into an AM technology.

Team Bonn

Furthermore, we also relocated as an Additive Development team from Bergisches Land near Wuppertal to Bonn. In Bonn, we were very well received by our Operations, Business Development and Supply Chain team and have since built up a great team spirit between Development, BDM's and Operations on a working level! Thanks to my colleagues.

I am highly motivated for 2023 and hope to, as we would say in german:

"Knocking over the goat for further AM serial projects"

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