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Benchmarking of Your L-PBF Printer

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Buying a new L-PBF printer is one of the most exciting times for process engineers. You will quickly have to ask yourself questions like:

🏋️‍♂️ What is the printer's performance?

🛠 How robust is the printer's hardware?

🦾 What are the advantages of the machine and hardware concept?

So how to benchmark the new machine hardware?

Below, I've summarized three different job layouts that are meant to visualize iterations of the qualification process (based on experience) for an L-PBF machine. Consider, that we are focusing heavily on a customer application, which is why the part is included in the job layout. In addition, test specimen should also be printed, as we are interested in the mechanical properties and density that can be achieved.

I reasonably included the inert gas flow and increased the nesting density in the three layouts. Do you know why this might be beneficial to consider for stressing the L-PBF machine? Do you have any other ideas that could be included in the job layout? How do you benchmark your machine hardware?

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