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How Are Companies Being Classified in the AM Industry.

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

As a result of the current development in the AM industry, companies are planning to invest in different areas. The focus is mainly on the next customer project.

🏅 Investment in Quality Department

If you start from scratch as a small company, you will quickly realize that an investment in quality equipment will be necessary. Usually a smaller investment in machines for checking density and mechanical properties (tensile testing machine) is sufficient here. More extensive tests, such as a CT, are often carried out by external suppliers.

🛠 Investment in Post Processing

Focus on the entire process chain is essential and more often visible based on customer projects. Now after the first machine is on the Shopfloor, investments should be made in post-processing. Focusing mainly on the machining of components. In some companies, however, there is already a good base of machining equipment and Additive Manufacturing equipment will be added.

📲 Digitalization of the Shop Floor

As an Advanced Technology, Additive Manufacturing offers several possibilities to digitalize the process and machine park. Obtaining machine data from the plant via OPCUA is almost standard today. The next step is to use this data efficiently for predictive maintenance purposes and monitor the process in-situ via e.g. camera technology, OT systems or melt pool systems.

🦾 Scale The Machine Park

If the order situation remains stable, the next step is to invest in additional machines. The prototype business is usually characterized by high dynamics. For this reason, an attempt should be made directly from the beginning to quickly enter into smaller series projects in order to achieve a constant order entry.

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